Introducing new Integration - FORM

Hi guys, I come back to you today to introduce you “Form Integration” we just added. As you already know we want erxes to be the most flexible messaging platform so that any company can use it to their needs, therefore we added three different forms just for you! You are now able to choose between the pop-up, shoutbox and embedded forms through erxes. With the pop-up form your customers will be able to reach out directly to you from your website and you will be able to answer them onto their email inbox. You will of course be able to change what kind of content they will see when opening the pop-up depending on what type of service you offer. As for the shoutbox, it will be shown onto your website the same way as a live chat and will allow customers to reach out to you in a simple way. Since it’s open-source, you do not need to subscribe other costly chatting platform on your website. Isn’t it great? Finally the embedded form is here to allow you to create any kind of form you want and attach it to your website page. Of course you can create different embedded forms. All you need to do is to create the forms and then copy the codes into your own html to see it appear on your website! :)