erxes Inc's Y Combinator experience

Hey guys, we now applied to YCombinator just a few days ago. Even though their answer will take some more time to be given we felt like sharing our application with you right away. We hope that our answers will help you understand our project more in depth and make you realize why we think erxes is the next messaging platform to use for companies ! :)

Describe your company in 50 characters or less:

erxes is an AI meets open source messaging platform for sales and marketing

What is your company going to make?

We are an open-source messaging platform with social media integration and multiple brand management. We are currently working on an AI feature that will improve the way startups and companies talk to and manage their customers. Our business model is that of “WordPress” for messaging.

Please enter the url of a 1 minute unlisted (not private) YouTube video introducing the founders.

How far along are you?

erxes is now fully functional. As the only messaging platform in Mongolia, it has generated a lot of interest from companies. We have sold erxes as an Enterprise to our very first customer and we are now in the talks of selling to large local Banks. Moreover, we believe that the AI feature will help to improve the messaging and CRM world which will allow us to expand into the global market.

Why did you pick this idea to work on? Do you have domain expertise in this area? How do you know people need what you're making?

When I first started my company, I could only dream of the idea of “erxes”. It would have helped us to grow faster. During our 7 years of experience, we realized that many companies faced the same problems. Although they had more resources than us they were not able to find customizable messaging platforms to their needs without breaking their banks. The lack of options made it easier for us to determine what we were looking for in a messaging platform. That is actually how the idea of “erxes” came to be. So after years of working with different CRM and messaging tools we realized we had to make our own. After surveying over 200 of our clients we understood that they all needed a customizable messaging platform for a reasonable price with access to unlimited features.

What's new about what you're making? What substitutes do people resort to because it doesn't exist yet (or they don't know about it)?

erxes is the only open-source messaging platform on the market that allows you to manage multiple brands from a single inbox. Furthermore adding an AI feature will help declutter and assist our users to save time and improve their communication with their customers. People are actually using the service of companies such as Intercom, Reamaze or Zendesk. However those options are more adapted to big businesses which forces smaller ones to manage manually.

What do you understand about your business that other companies in it just don't get?

We understand that offering freemium (Open- source) service helps many companies to try out erxes in the way they want, which will help us to become a leading player in the CRM messaging world. Other companies such as Intercom offers plans that are too rigid for today. Clients have to use one integration for one brand with limited features for each subscription and their prices increase depending on the number of customers.

What convinced you to apply to Y Combinator?

I know that Y Combinator is the only chance for our company to go global. While I’m confident that erxes will go on with or without Y Combinator, it is a golden opportunity not only for this company but for my country as well. If at least one Mongolian tech startup can get accepted, this will help to completely change the view of how Mongolia looks at the tech scene. In a country where tech startups are often snubbed, it is vital to show the importance of how major the tech scene can be. Who knows? Maybe the next big thing like Dropbox, Snapchat, will come from Mongolia.